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Economisms’ investor newsletters offer balanced, unbiased, realistic and unique viewpoints on traditional and non-traditional investment products primarily in Canada and the United States. These investing and stock market newsletters offer a wide array of information from different sources, but aggregate and synthesize the data into intelligence you can easily understand and use. Where other investment newsletters will simply crunch the numbers and make generalized forecasts, Economisms complements that with specific, integrated information that can answer important questions, enrich your economic understanding, and help you make the best investment decisions with your financial advisor. Get the information you need quickly, in one centralized, well-rounded source.

Economisms Investing Newsletter Format

Our investor newsletters are visually oriented so you don’t have to read a wall of jargon-heavy finance text and interpret multiple pages of information. We include good-sized charts to promote a deeper understanding of trends and other data, alongside real-world examples to back up the point being made and source links for further research if desired. Economisms offers a lot of information in a fast, concise manner, and uses terminology everyone can understand. We also focus on medium to long term trends so you only have to update your portfolio every half year or quarter – instead of having to make changes every day or week.

Don’t spend all your spare time reading a bunch of different market newsletters all the time. Invest in an Economisms financial newsletter subscription and let us do it for you!


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Brad Parkes

Writer & Economisms Founder

Lead contributing member and founder of Economisms

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