Our site has a great deal of static background information about economic and investing concepts and terminology that you can use as a reference for enhanced general financial knowledge and proficiency. This is complemented by a regular blog and newsletter that offers dynamic, up to date information about changes, news, and trends within the industry. Collectively, we call these economic musings ‘Economisms’.

The Economisms team has no direct affiliations with any investment firms or market interests, so we have no financial stake or inherent bias in our analysis. This means we can provide impartial, fair and accurate information to you. You can be confident there is no intentionally misleading advice or tips in any of Economisms’ publications. We typically focus on North American markets, but with a growing influence of global economies, we reference other markets around the world where needed.

Economisms’ lead contributing member is Bradley Parkes (www.bradleyparkes.com). Parkes studied economics and geology in university, gaining a degree in both. This has fostered a career that has included roles in corporate finance, equity research, asset evaluation, equity financing, equity and derivative trading, mineral exploration, and oil and gas development. In addition to providing expert analysis for Economisms, Bradley Parkes consults for major oil gas firms on geological exploration and development, and helps start-up companies with their resource exploration efforts. Find more information about his current endeavours on the Whytecliff Corporation website (www.whytecliffcorp.com).

All information provided by Economisms is for general informational purposes only. It should not be considered as personal or professional financial advice. For specific recommendations on what is best for you and your portfolio, please consult a registered financial advisor.


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